Jill Grano is a superstar among realtors!

When I first thought about buying, I saw a house for sale and called the listing agent, who acted as if he was doing me a favor by showing me the house and spent the entire time talking about himself. I immediately called Jill and she presented me with options within a day. As I embarked on my search Jill's skill at finding the perfect place emerged. She listened and knew we wanted to be central but had an eye for what was possible in a house, if it was in the right location. We were not afraid to take on a remodel. Jill also knew the market and how competitive it was in Boulder, if she thought there was a house I might like, she got me there first thing, as she knew it would not be on the market long.

The house I ultimately bought was a real find. Jill has amazing contacts and heard about the house before it even was on the market - we were in the neighborhood a few weeks earlier and she had us look at it, Just in case it came available. It did and she was first in line. She walks on water when it comes to doing what it takes to get you the best deal and the home you want.  Even when we closed she continued to help me - she got me a housekeeper, inspector, surveyor, and architect. She knows everyone! The day I moved in she even brought flowers. What a sweetie!

She is one of a kind and I would recommend her to anyone. We love Jill and her positive attitude, kindness, patience, and ability to really listen to her clients sets her apart. She makes you feel truly special.


I cannot say enough good things about Jill. I moved to Boulder recently and am on a very short schedule to find and close on a single-family detached home. There isn’t enough room to write everything I would like to so here’re the highlights: 1. Jill actively listens, and will take the time to select properties that match your requirements 2. Jill knows the real estate market very well and will be honest and straightforward with you 3. Even though it may not be in her direct financial interests to do so, she will work for you to get you the best possible purchase price 4. If it weren’t for Jill I would not have been able to buy in Boulder for the quality of the home and price that I did!


I just want to share with the world that Jill is the best realtor I have ever worked with… and I used to be a realtor!!! She is smart, competent, organized, professional, knowledgeable, pleasant, strong, and pleasant to work with! I can’t say enough good things about her and would recommend her highly to sellers and buyers!!!


Consistent with the other reviews here, we found Jill to be a true all-star among Boulder’s realtors. We worked with her this spring to help us find and purchase a new house for our growing family. Jill did an exceptional job with every aspect of the transaction. She has all of the traits of a good realtor in spades: highly responsive, listens carefully, understands a fast-changing market, pays attention to the details, and can think outside the box when something doesn’t go as planned. Jill is also relentless in pursuing all of a buyer’s options, including homes that may not be listed for sale, and is a wise and strategic negotiator.

Perhaps most importantly, though, all of these attributes are punctuated by Jill’s positive, calm, and professional demeanor. I cannot overstate what a difference this made to our state of mind and in getting us to closing, and this is what sets Jill apart. Jill is someone you want in your corner if you are dealing with real estate in Boulder. 

- Geoff and Sarah

Jill was absolutely the best buyers agent we could have hoped for. We ended up with a great house, in a great neighborhood, for a great price. I don’t think it would have been possible without such a knowledgeable and responsive agent. Compared our last house buying experience, Jill set the bar much higher for the value added by a great agent.

Thanks Jill!

-Jason and Sam

We just bought our first home in Boulder and absolutely loved working with Jill. My expectation was that home buying would be stressful and heartbreaking at points, but that wasn’t the case with Jill.

She is thorough, professional, personable, genuine, honest, _____, _____ (I’ll spare you the multitude of other complimentary adjectives that describe her, but when you meet Jill you’ll be able to fill in the blanks).

No matter our concern, qualm, or nit pick (and we are nit picky people) she totally got us right from the get go. I honestly feel that her first step in the home hunt was getting to know us as people so that our home would absolutely fit our personalities.

She really took our needs and wants into consideration and didn’t waste our time with a house that couldn’t be “our house.” She even started working with us while we were living in California so we could get into a home with our tight moving schedule. You would think that the distance would have created some difficulties, but at no point did I feel like the home hunt was less efficient than it should have been because Jill still managed to update our personal home finder portal daily (with that said we can throw flexible and accommodating into the complimentary adjective mix).

Needless to say, we found THE house or “our house” and the entire process was painless. Jill took care of all the details and was always there to represent us and oversee the sale every step of the way.

Post sale, Jill remains approachable and involved when or if we need her. She’s not only a great realtor but a great resource for Boulder. I hope everyone can enjoy home buying as much as we did!

Thanks again!

-Samantha & Erik

Having Jill with us every step of the way during our most recent home purchasing processes was a pure god-send. Not only was her RE knowledge technically sound (knowledge of trends, individual homes, neighborhoods, prices, negotiation skills, and the dreaded flow of contracts, etc), but she really functioned as more of a very close and trusted adviser. She gave invaluable advice, she asked well timed and pointed questions that helped us avoided making a purchase decision based on emotion alone, and, at times, she felt like a therapist (if you didn’t know, buying a home can be insane).

We have no doubt that without Jill we would have never ended up with such an amazingly beautiful home, at such a wonderful price. We got everything we could have wanted and more in a beautiful part of Lafayette. My husband and I feel that it was a relief to have someone work with us with as much character and integrity as she does. We never doubted that she had our best interests at heart and we were confident in each step of the process knowing she was in our corner. Thank you very much for all you did to help us Jill!!!!

-Carole and Eric

 The first thing you will notice about Jill Grano is that she is highly motivated by her diligence and work ethic. The next thing you come to know about Jill is that she has a vast amount of information about Boulders housing market. Combine all of that with her perception and listening skills and that is why I highly recommend Jill Grano. You will want to put her boundless energy to work for you.

-Macon and Regina

We've been in our house that Jill helped us find and buy for a year, and every day we are so grateful to be able to live in such an amazing home! We were new to Colorado and didn't know Boulder at all; Jill really listened to our desires and needs and patiently worked with us to find the perfect house. She helped us navigate the logistics of buying and was attentive and responsive to us during the negotiation process. Jill was incredibly knowledgeable about the local area and shared her favorite spots with us. Working with Jill was like working with a friend. We highly recommend her!

-Mark and Lia

Jill recently helped us buy our first home in South Boulder. We appreciated Jill’s guidance and assistance throughout the process. She listened to our criteria, helped us quickly get a feel for the current market, and when there weren’t many homes on the market, she contacted other agents to find out what listings would be coming available. Jill was very knowledgeable about the offer and contract process, and we think was an asset in our negotiations. She was so communicative throughout the whole process, that we went through a bit of ‘withdrawal’ after closing moving into our house.

We found Jill to be professional, knowledgable about the Boulder market, and a great person to work with. We have already recommended her to others.

-Katy and Patrick

We were purchasing a home long distance, using the Internet to learn the market and identify possibilities. Before Jill even met me in person, she was providing invaluable guidance on how and where to search for homes on the market. Wed last purchased a home in 1985 when the process was very different. Once we found a home with lots of potential, a 3-day trip to Boulder was booked. Jill was super prepared with other homes of similar style, price point, location, etc. She had a good grasp of our style preference and feature wish list. I felt an open honesty in evaluating the homes we visited. She always checked in on my feelings and reactions. Once our original choice was confirmed, our interests were well represented in the inspections and negotiation process. I totally trusted her guidance, which reduced the anxiety that comes with such a large financial leap. Our long distance closing went smoothly. Even after the closing, Jill facilitated a letter from the seller to document the plumbing and electrical upgrades that gave us the best house insurance premium.

Thanks, Jill. If you run for city council, you can count on our votes!

- Mary Lynne

Dear Jill,

If I had to choose one word to sum up my experience with you it would be: genuine. I never thought that buying a house would be so effortless and joyful. You read my desire to live within a certain biking distance from downtown by hopping on a bike and taking me on tours of properties; you listened to all the requirements I had for this property and effortlessly placed yourself in my shoes to narrow the field. Finally, you proved yourself gracious and extremely competent in negotiating the purchase with absolute respect for everyone involved.

Your open, honest and down-to-earth personality coupled with the meticulous yet seamless management of all your business relationships meant that I could focus on what felt right to me; where I would be happy.

I trusted you completely from the first time we met and have never looked back. You continue to amaze me with your attention to detail, flexibility and skill with clear communication. You are an anomaly of a human being and push the boundaries in the field of real estate.


Jill is highly intelligent and knowledgeable. She is creative and energetic in marketing the property. She handles all aspects of the listing personally, talks to buyers agents prior to showing and is present at all showings if possible.


I recently purchased my first home and chose to use Jill as my real estate agent. I am very glad I did so. I looked at a large number of places before finding the perfect place. She did a great job finding a bunch of great places to look at and I never felt pressured into any one home. She made all of the paper work easy and always had educated answers for my many questions.

Jill did a great job and I would recommend her to any of my friends or family. She is now looking for a rental property for my parents and I know they will not be disappointed.