Commitment to Community is at the core of Jill Grano’s life and real estate practice.  As such, a portion of the company's income and a good deal of time goes back to the Boulder Community.


It was brought to my attention in early 2016 that mobile homeowners in Boulder are at risk of losing their homes over small unpaid taxes, so I stepped in with time and capital in order to help save what homes I could.  You can read more about this project HERE.

Also in 2016, I chose to give to Boulder Valley Women's Health.  BVWH works tirelessly to assure quality healthcare for every woman and teen, along with their partners.  Women being able to attain access to healthcare has a significant impact on the community in which they live - it has a positive impact on the women served, their children, and their families.  There is a reason the slogan "Healthy Women, Healthy World" is used so often.  I am grateful for the work of Boulder Valley Women's Health in our community and excited to continue engaging with this great organization.


In early 2015 a family in desperate need came to me for help and I was touched beyond words by their story.  Babu is a single mother of 3 children, one of whom is severely disabled.  Babu also supports her mother who is ailing.  She was brought from India at age 18 for an arranged marriage to a man who ended up brutally beating her for years, then left.  Babu has been the sole provider of her family of 5 for years.  She works extremely hard at a local gas station to provide for her family, but an illness set her back on payments and she was served an eviction notice.

When I met Babu, she was only 30 days away from losing her home and being forced on to the streets. We explored all options including affordable housing, but nothing was the right fit, due to either location, size or money.  Finally, we found a beautiful 3 bedroom mobile home in Boulder Meadows.  I began a campaign to raise money to buy this home for Babu and her family. Hundreds of people gave and we raised $38,100 and were able to buy Babu's family a home.  They moved in April 1, 2015 and could not be happier. It provides a long term solution because the monthly payment is affordable for Babu.  You can read more about the campaign here:


The year 2014 was ushered in with thousands in our community still reeling (and recovering!) from the flood.  The impact of the flood was huge and one group stepped up and served our community unlike any other:  The Boulder Mudslingers.  I had the honor to work dispatch for the Mudslingers for weeks after the flood and was impressed by the efficiency at which they received and distributed volunteers. Hundreds of homes were saved due to the their service, so in 2014, my donation went to the founders of the Mudslingers to help them cover (and recover) expenses and create a video about the experience that will hopefully serve as an inspiration/model for any community in the face of disaster.

Watch the Mudslinger trailer for "Knee Deep" here:


In 2013, a client of mine brought my awareness to There With Care (, a locally founded organization that brings support to families and children in times of critical illness.  For many reasons (particularly what my client had been through that year), There With Care was the organization I chose to give back to in 2013.  

Here is a great video about There With Care: